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Submission Deadline: November 25, 2020

(Please, Mark your Calendars!)

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This is the first call for abstracts of the 1st I International CAPES Print Symposium in Neurosciences and III Simpósio Luso-Brasileiro de Neurociências (December, 2-4th, 2020), along with instructions for submitting abstracts. We are looking forward to having the abstracts submitted as soon as possible for our three-day meeting. The scientific program board has decided to define a deadline of November, 25th, 2020. Please review the instructions for submitting abstracts. We are trying to make this as easy as possible. Abstracts from all speakers are strongly encouraged so that we have a good representation of the meeting lectures. All abstracts should be available to all attendees during the meeting. Thank you!

First Call for Abstracts

The 1st International Capes Print Symposium in Neuroscience will be held on December, 2th-4th. Brazilian and international researchers and scholars are welcome to send abstracts. Selected abstracts will be gathered taking into account related topics. Due to time constraint, we will keep the oral presentations of selected posters scheduled for a 4 or 5 minutes (using Zoom) presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

All invited speakers are encouraged to submit an abstract regarding his/her talk. Abstract instructions are given below. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Reinaldo Oria by sending an e-mail to


Abstracts (limited to a single page) should focus on neuroscience research areas bringing original data. Both basic and clinical-based data are welcome. Abstracts submitted for presentation at other scientific meetings within the last year are acceptable, but should be updated to reflect the current status of your research.

Please acknowledge the sources of funding for your research beneath your abstract, especially funding from NIH or Brazilian CAPES and CNPq grants.

How submit your abstract?

1) Sign up to Symposium at Registration form
2) Sign in at Attendee's Access.
3) Submit your abstract via online form It's quick and easy form with automatic email response.

Presentation should be in english. It will be allowed until 15 authors by abstract.

Additional Format Guidelines

Abstracts should be save via online form. Please, do not sent it to our email. Our System will format abstract with style and correct format.

Each Abstract should have a bolded title, followed by the author(s), and their department and division names. The abstract is limited up to 250 words.

Each Abstract should be structured by
1) Background,
2) Objective,
3) Design/ Methods,
4) Results, and
5) Conclusions.

The Abstract is limited to one page.

Acknowledge funding, especially grants awarded by NIH and Brazilian CAPES and CNPq grants, beneath your Abstract.

We are looking forward to including your work in the I International CAPES PRINT Symposium in Neuroscience.

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